Special Offer to Community Heroes!

It’s always great to start the New Year on a positive note, so we are announcing a $3000 offer to all the Community Heroes.

This $3000 is for Heroes that use our services to Buy or Sell a Home in 2021

As local San Diego real estate agents we really want to help in our Community

The offer is available to:

All Hospital, Medical and Healthcare employees

All School employees including administration, educators and School Counselors

All Front Line workers and First Responders

All Military Members and Other Members of the Care-giving Community

This is a Thank You to the People that protect us, feed us, and keep us healthy and safe.

We have spoken to people we know, and encounter in the community who are having to deal with the frontline effects of the Covid virus.  Their stories are difficult and heartbreaking to hear.

We wanted to find a way that we, as members of the Community, could give back.

Call us, and feel free to share this offer with Community Heroes you know such as family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and care-givers that you meet!

Contact us for more details about this $3000 offer at 619.228.6809 or reach us by text, email or social media

Sincerely, we Thank you!